The girls at Windbourne represent the foundation of my breeding stock.  I believe while the males contribute 50% of the DNA and can have a greater impact due to the sheer numbers of offspring they can produce, the girls are the ones in my home.  I can go out for other males, but the girls are special.  Even though they contribute the other 50%, they are especially important because they do not produce the same quantity- they need to produce the highest quality.

I have more males on my farm than girls for that reason.  I am very selective in the girls that I keep.  They are rich in the genes they carry and need to prove that their contribution is of the highest quality.

I am also selective of the girls because they spend more time with the puppies and contribute a bit of the socializing of their offspring, which is impactful to what they produce.

My girls are also shown and establish themselves as Dams of Merit.

I do love my boy,s but I am most careful in my selection of the girls that I keep to carry the Windbourne name.  Please enjoy these most special and regal ladies.