The males at Windbourne represent a carefully selected group that hopefully will be impactful in a positive way to the American Black & Tan Coonhound breed.  I consider the males extremely important to a breeding program.  Although they represent 50% of the DNA, they, due to the number of offspring they can produce, can have a larger impact on the puppies produced due to volume.

I think that it is important not to just consider JUST a show record when evaluating a male for breeding.  It is only a part of the picture.  It is equally important to look at the individual dog, The pedigree for several generations should be evaluated and studied to not only understand the genes that the dog carries but also any health issues that might be hidden in a pedigree.  Another important consideration is to look and see what other lines complement the sires genes in a positive way and what would possibly impact in a negative way.

Many of the Windbourne males are proven sires and Sires of Merit.  I utilize showing as an evaluation tool so as to help me from becoming “kennel blind.”  However we all know not all the best dogs are the ones that win.  I currently have a great example in Windbourne Davey Jones.  He represents the epitome of conformation and movement in my interpretation of the Standard but he does not have the temperament to show.  He does throw his conformation type and does not pass on his temperament.  Although he has no show record, he is invaluable as a stud dog.

I hope you enjoy viewing and reading about the Boys of Windbourne. (I know I should not be prejudice but I am most fond of my boys!)