It was an easy transition for me from breeding horses to breeding dogs.  My philosophy has always been to breed the best to the best and continues to this day.  I strive to produce Black & Tan Coonhounds that exemplify my interpretation of the breed standard, are healthy both in mind and body and are a joy to live with.  I strive to breed and protect the Old Fashioned long eared Black & Tan Coonhound and try to preserve the innate instincts for hunting that this noble breed was developed to possess.  Although I do not hunt my dogs I try to give them every opportunity to develop their instincts and “practice” on their own.  With the farm a safe place to roam and plenty of wild life they get the chance to run, chase, track and tree to their hearts content.

I have been blessed with success in the show ring with my dogs and am very proud of their accomplishments.  But I also believe that each generation should be better than the one before it and so I continue to do my best to improve the breeding program and am always looking for ways to produce better and better dogs.  All my dogs are members of the family.  It is not uncommon to find dogs on the couch, the chairs or in my bed.

Please enjoy some of my dogs and their accomplishments and as they relax at home.